The Three Gardens
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The Three Gardens

(From the sermon “The Three Gardens” by Rev. Jerry Thangiah)


The Garden of Eden, the first garden ever created by God to make the man delight in all the creations of God. It was created so that it will keep the man busy (not to get bored but to exercise his talents) and be happy. The first man Adam was given the greatest privilege of ruling over all the animal kingdom and also to eat the best of the vegetation the world has ever seen. Not only could he have a wonderful fellowship with God the creator, he could hear God’s voice; speak to him as if he was talking to a friend. He walked with God and could share his thoughts and needs any time of the day. Apart from all these blessings he was also given a helper Eve. What a great blessing! The only blessing God kept still in store for him is the eternal life in the Paradise. Before God could grant the human the everlasting life, He need to justify his act by proving to himself (and of course to Lucifer the old serpent as he has already Judged Lucifer not to have it) that the man kind is worthy of receiving it.


Garden of Eden1 the test ground for the first Adam:


Let us consider the following events and factors carefully.


Adam left Eve alone for a while.

God allowed a temptation by Satan.

Satan tempts with his words suggesting that trusting God is not beneficial and then leaves Eve to fight her flesh and the will power.

Eve fails the “Will power test”

Next Adam was given a test as the matter revealed to him by Eve.

Adam also fails the test by willing to eat the fruit, may be trying to please Eve or falling into his own weakness.

Next Adam and eve are trying to find their own way to please God by covering themselves with fig leaves.

In fact a betrayal takes place. Adam and Eve betrayed the one who was a great friend (God).

What went wrong? Adam did not inquire his friend God about what he needed to do when Eve failed the test. Rather he chooses to follow her and tried to hide the fault.

Humankind’s flesh yields to sin by eating the forbidden fruit

Humankind’s will yields to sin as it betrays God and disobeys.

Sin enters the human race.

God’s judgments pronounced.

Satan sentenced to eternal death.

Mankind sentenced to eternal death.

Women to be overcome by their love toward men (Reversal of what man did at the fall) though they go through painful labor.

Man to work the land that will make his labor painful not his pleasure.

God’s plan of redemption begins.

The blood of the animal is shed to cover the nakedness of mankind in the mortal life.

Mankind leaves the “Garden of Eden” God prepares His son to send him through the path of the Garden of Gethsaemane.


The Garden of Gethsamene2 the test ground of the disciples:


The Master (Jesus)takes the disciples to a garden on the outskirts of Jerusalem situated on the Kidarone valley, the foothill of mount Olive.


Satan has already brought to the knowledge of the disciples that their master’s life is in danger and following him is not a wise thing.

Jesus takes three of His close friends reminds them to pray and then goes further to pray alone.

Their flesh and will power were tested.

They failed in flesh as they slept.

They failed in the will power test as they deserted Jesus and ran away.

One of them tries to find his own way to please Jesus by cutting the ear of the soldier.

Finally they betray the Lord by deserting and running away from the Garden of Gethsemane.


The Garden of Gethsemane2 the test ground for the final Adam the Lord Jesus:


Jesus was left alone in the Garden.

Satan has already suggested him that there are many other shortcuts to inherit the Kingdom of God.

He proves that he is not left alone by praying to God his father.

The test on the flesh is to sleep as other friends of his. He refuses to sleep though he was as tired as his disciples.

He prays for God’s strength and was ministered by the angels.

He passes the test of will power by not depending on his will but the will of God.

Satan could not overcome the will of Christ.

Satan could not overcome his flesh evens at this time.

The first blood drops of the sacrificial lamb falls on the cursed ground that will follow the trail even up to the mount of Calvary.

Jesus proves that prayer is the key to overcome the temptations.

Jesus proves that sacrificing the self-will and submitting to the Father’s will is the way to overcome the wiles of satan.

God’s plan of salvation is getting established further.

Jesus looks beyond the dark valley of Gethsemane or the Mount Calvary the place of victory or the Empty tomb Garden the Garden Paradise.


The Garden of Paradise3 the test reward of the body of Christ:


The church is left alone in the first century. Jesus the cornerstone, the rock on which it is being built has just left them physically entrusting the work to his disciples the same ones who deserted the Lord a few days ago. What brought the change in them that Jesus could trust them for such a task? Yes! It is the resurrection power of Jesus. Here they are ready to lay down even their own lives to build the church. Now they have learned that the death has been conquered. They know that their only task is to make others know and believe that they too could conquer the death and inherit the “the garden paradise” if they call upon the name of Jesus who is the only way. That is His promise that He will let the man get into Paradise and also let him eat the fruit of the tree of ever living. Not just a few but thousands of people were added to this church daily, they became not just members of this group called the way, they started paving the path to let many more people find the way. Satan becomes very active again. He knew that he cannot do anything with the foundation of this church “the way” the body of Christ, so he plans not to shake the foundation but to shatter the materials with which they are built on the foundation. He doesn’t want the materials (new believers) to be of strong stones but he wants them to be stubble and hay. How can he make them so? Here is his plan. Confuse them. Change their commitment. Change their first love. Make them forget for what they were called out for. He wants them to bring the old dust of their previous convictions, and corrupt the newness of life that has been promised to these newborn believers. He makes them believe that they can compromise with the world in many ways. Especially he makes them listen to foreign voices like the teaching of Nicolaitans who says that spirituality has nothing to do with the sexuality and immorality. Even he teaches that believers can have the idols of their previous gods and forefathers.  Yes Satan again tempts their flesh and their will. Hence Christ warns of such practice through his beloved disciple John in the Patmos Island that the early church has lost it’s first love. The loss of first love is going to cost them more than what they believe. Yes it will cost them the life in Paradise and their privileges of eating the fruit of eternal life. The tricks of old serpent satan still continues. Especially in our modern age he is very busy teaching false doctrines through false teachers, blocking the people from having a clear vision, teaching people shortcuts to eternity which is only to the eternity in hell. Mixing up the old lies with the Truth. Making people believe all religions teach about the same God and take people to the same place. Twisting the truth of the Bible and making people compromise with the pagan world. Teaching people to take advantage of the Grace of God to live as they want to live not letting them know that the Grace is time bound and the Judgment is ahead of them.

The bottom line is this. The Garden Paradise is promised to only those who have not left their first love. To those who do not adulterate the true teachings of Christ. To those who belong to the true body of Christ. To those who stand firm till the end. My friend, hold on to the first call, the first decision you made, and the first love you had for Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Yes “garden of Paradise!” Let me see you there.


1 Genesis 3:1-24


2 Matthew 26: 36-56

3 Revelation 2:1-7

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